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About Us

A Chance 4 Life, AC4L, started as AIM Foundation (AIM Mission) and was discovered in July 2002. We commenced operations in Ghana, West Africa in January 2003, under the leadership of Malobe Sampson, Founder and CEO. In our short tenure, we have provided critical health, education and community sustainability support services to marginalized Ghanaians living in underdeveloped villages and towns in the Ashanti, Volta, Greater Accra and the Upper West regions of Ghana. AC4L, formerly known as AIM became an official NGO in 2004, incorporated as a Non-Profit, in NY State in 2011. AC4L  is currently is a 501-c3 non profit corporation.

In the beginning of the operation we simply wanted to help people who were suffering and dying. We understood that Christ’s Love was demonstrated, more often than verbalized. Therefore, we set out to provide practical help for communities suffering in extreme poverty. We did not care who they were or what (faith or tradition) they were, we simply wanted to love them through our actions. This process did not require a 501c3 or any recognition by governmental agencies.


We just wanted to help people who were seriously hurting! True Love Labors.

In the process of time, we became overwhelmed by the magnitude of this work. Yes, we knew it was a huge undertaking from the beginning; however, the few men who commenced this work with its founder were flabbergasted and in awe, over how much was accomplished, with so little resources. Now, with your support, we have the ability to do ten times more. See what AIM has accomplished

We are on the ground, face to face with hurting communities, putting the resources directly into needed areas. So Support the AC4L Team today! 


This highly successful mission keeps growing; and, surprisingly with a budget that has been so small. Just imagine if more people like you would help.


WOW, We could do so much more, Together!


Give Today, a few dollars go a loooooooong way in Africa.  You could help change a life with the click of a mouse and the touch of a few keys.

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