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Won't You Give Today?

Wechaui girls conference 2023 
august 23'

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Completed a 2-week feeding program and a rice food pantry in Ghana West, Africa  


Due to the impact of Covid 19 on the city of Accra and the outskirts of Kumasi, ACHANCE4LIFE provided hot meals in Accra and a semi-food pantry in Bonwire (the home of Kente clothe).  Accra and other places have suffered throughout Ghana because of their heavy reliance on commerce and tourism.  Unlike America, the Ghanaian government does not have a robust stimulus package for its people.  Many people suffered from lack of food and income due to the ubiquitous worldwide shutdown.  As we know, all economies are not equal and Africa has suffered its share of misfortunes.


ACHANCE4LIFE is here to help and give these struggling communities a Chance for survival;


Join us today. Help us continue to provide a meal for people who are suffering serious hunger pains.   


Won’t You Give Today?

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These are the girls who come down from the north to work in the streets!  They usually do not speak the language. They are from a different tribe.  Many of these girls usually get abused. They can be from pre-teen to early twenties.  If they are lucky they get to sleep in one of those square boxes.  However, there is a hierarchy among this low Caste system.  The new girls coming from the north, escaping starvation and abuse and looking for a better life in the city, usually get abused the most. They are extremely vulnerable and when they can’t make it, usually no one cares. Death sickness, disease and malnutrition are a part of these young girls lives.  Survival is no joke!!! These are human beings that need hope also; and they certainly need food! When the shutdown came, they were no longer needed to carry items on their head.  No work! No small money! No eating! When you are desperate for food you do anything! Squawking, fighting, stealing and desperate survival crime becomes a way to live.

Don’t allow them to die. 

Why AChance4Life took on the challenge.  


You should help support, everyone can do something, even a child can help. 


What African countries are doing to help people to eat amid the lockdowns


AChance4Life in The News:

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Reuters: Aerial footage shows miles-long queue for food aid in South Africa

donate healthcards

For $10 You Can Save The Life Of Child By Affording Them Healthcare For A Year! You Can Prevent A Small Ailment From Becoming Fatal.

Each Card helps to save a life by providing access to free healthcare and the medications needed to fight Malaria, diseases and other sicknesses.

sponsor a 


Sponsor a girl for the week which includes: 

Bookbags, toothpaste, brush, flip flops, underwear, camisole, books, pens, 3-meals a day, educational assessment, bowls, eating utensils, sanitary napkins, conference shirts, crafts, projects and academic classes and test prep.

Sponsor a portion of the one week package or sponsor several girls. 

Sponsor a


Help An American Youth Join The Trip!!! Help in giving a life changing experience!

Help cover the cost of Airfare, Lodging, 3 Meals A Day and Transportation during a two-week trip from New York City to the mission field in West Africa. 


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